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Outstanding service

We care about the accuracy of our services provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lowest Fees

We offer our customers all the required services at the best price.

Execution speed

We are committed to implementing their services with our clients on deadlines.

Office Space

Make a home for your business with Ali Al Qubaissi Business Center office space in sharjah.

Businessmen Services

We specialize in providing all solutions and services for businessmen in Sharjah, we have more than 15 years of experience in the field of businessmen services and we have a team of experts that make us offer our customers all the services and consultations necessary to establish  companies in UAE and to follow up the transactions of the Ministry of Human Resources & Emirataisation, and we help you to choose the most appropriate activities and the best places in Sharjah

  • Establishing companies.
  • Establishing companies in the free zone.
  • Establishing foreign offshore companies and preparing bank accounts.
  • Providing a citizen sponsor and service agent.
  • Issuing commercial licenses.
  • Renewal of commercial licenses.
  • All services of the Ministry of Labor.
  • All services of the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality
  • Department of Economic Development
  • Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation.
  • Ministry of Residency and foreigners affairs
  • Roads and Transport Authority
  • Ministry of Health
  • Municipal department
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Civil Defense
  • Company registration card
  • Issuing work permits.
  • Paying labour card fees.
  • Renewal and cancellation of labour cards.
  • Issuing and renewing all types of visas.
  • Issuance and renewal of visitor visas.
  • Posture adjustment services.
  • Cancellation of employee visas.

Businessmen Services

We have all services for businessmen and startups

Establising Companies

Services for establishing companies in Sharjah, issuing commercial licenses of all kinds, and clearing all necessary tractions.

Printing Services

Printing services for the ministries of labor, immigration and nationality transactions, civil works contracts and medical statements.

Transactions Clearance

Services for clearing transactions for companies and businessmen, issuance of visas, labour license

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